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Irene Jewett is a life long student and lover of the natural sciences, I worked as a Science Illustrator a the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, and for the U.S. Navy.  Now retired, Irene continues thier studies of plants and insects native to this area, with a particular focus on pollinating insects and on those that are crucial to the survival of our birds and many other animals. 

Many of Irene's images feature the amazing array of shapes and colors, and the remarkable beauty of both butterfly and moth catepillars. Each image is meant to be a clelebration of the fascinating creatures, and it is my hope that through them I wil enable you to see catepillars in a whole new way, while further stirring your interest in this vital part of the natural wonderland in which we live. 

All of Irene's images are digitally drawn or photographed. Most are photomontage images, sometimes combined with paintings. Othes are painting and photo combinations, or are simply paintings. 

On most of the photomontage images, Irene listed the names of the catepillars featured. Can you find them all? 

Printed on acid free museum paper 

11 X 14 inches

Monarch Wings

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