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Tis' the Season

Greetings to you and yours on this festive day of turkey sacrifice to appease the Gods!

Come see me this SATURDAY for SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY from 10:00-3:00 at Pampered Pet Boutique or enjoy FREE SHIPPING from the comfort of your home!

I have so much news to share with you from hair trends, to new store items and on Small Business Saturday, come see me at my mini pop-up at

Pampered Pet Boutique this SATURDAY! Lots of candles, jewelry and specials for your furry friends as well!


PLEASE for the love of vegemite book your winter appointment now if you haven't already

ANNOUNCING MELU'S NEW STORE with a PURPOSE! A Sustainable gift shop with Mother Nature in mind. What makes us different? Everything sold on this site won't poison the earth or get the fish sick when you are done with it. We have to keep our landfills in mind when we purchase items in our life because the life span of a good doesn't end when we decide we are through with it. How do things break down in nature? How can we shop and feel good about our experiences, even when the moments pass? Our actions matter and Melu is here to remind you that Mother Earth Loves You!

Now available, my new, hand poured soy and coconut wax candles! Did you know that coconut wax burns even slower that a regular soy candle? That was my goal as a candle lover! It's so sad to have a favorite candle disappear so quickly. I wanted to create a superb candle that lasts the longest with the least amount of processing. That is why our candles have wooden wicks. Not only do they crackle like a warm fire, they don't use as much processing as a cotton wick. It is my goal to make the best candles that speak to your memories, dreams, and desires and scents often do. They inspire us, motivate us, calm us and they can even be a companion to our daily rituals. Come buy one IN PERSON as I'll be at the Pampered Pet Boutique this Saturday from 10:00-3:00 in Belleview Shopping Center located at 1612 Belleview Blvd, Alexandria, VA 22307. In the same shopping center as Revel Wine and Bread and Water. Come get goodies for you and your furry ones too! Or shop online at! USE CODE: SHOPSMALL for FREE SHIPPING on all orders this Saturday!

As the FDA has approved one CBD product, I look forward to the federal recognition of all the benefits CBD has to offer. Since Nature cannot be copyrighted, the ability to make and control the market keeps big pharma from committing to acknowledging the benefits that Mother Nature naturally provides. I am committed to learning all I can about natural medicinals while deeply respecting western medicine as well. I believe a good relationship between Eastern and Western medicine is key.

CBD directly aligns with the natural solutions to help us live better lives by achieving a homeostasis within the body. Everything I sell, I have used and has been third party tested, with USDA organics as well. Shop for CBD at


Check out hand made jewelry by local artist Eva Day and by yours truely with purpose driven jewelry. Custom orders are also welcome! Everything here has a story in how it relates to earth, so don't just gift your love ones, teach them about why your gift means the world. Did you know that Japan and Czechoslavakia have the best glass beads? Did you know that mushrooms are saphotrophic and that the Tree of Life can be found in art all over the world. Are you a cat lover? That means that you are likely a genius. Show everyone with these one of a kind handmade PLASTIC FREE gifts to be remembered by! Boxes are recycled and made in the U.S.A. Shop now at


As it still stands, the trends rotate and we have not gone full Matrix as of yet, however I am sure it's coming. Out of San Francisco, we see the short, choppy French bob is dominating the scene as well at the shag is still holding true as well. We've seen bold color patterns, bleached eye brows, creative liner, wet looks to lots of hair bling. We've seen a huge influence out of Japan and Korea with daring colors and disconnected choppy layers. Lots of Tank Girl hair with twists, braids, and creative tie outs in hair.

I'm wishing everyone lots of love and care. Remember you are never alone because when you walk outside you are surrounded by the healing earth. Mother Earth is always there and remember if Momma ain't happy, ain't no one happy, so let's celebrate and honor her by thinking of how our actions align with our home, Earth.

Much love to everyone! If you have any questions, never hesitate to reach out!!

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