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Something to sink your teeth into...

Hey, don't blame me for asking the question. It never fails that I get that sensation of a new season change on the brink. Maybe it's because when I book Fall appointments, there is a moment when it changes from hopscotch to tetris. I can smell it, I know it, and hence comes the following...WHAT are the FALL Hair Trends of 2022? Better order a pair of penny loafers now and a 90's bob in tow! Don't worry if it's not your thing. There is plenty more to sink your teeth into, like this liquid hairstyling, reflective and wet finish. Of course this works with all lengths of hair and this pairs best with Oway's frozen glaze cocktailed with Oway's Nurturing drops. Don't forget to use code #HHT2586

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

90's Bob....because you know 90's kids are the coolest. I totally don't blame you trying to be as cool as we were. It's really sad you'll never know but we won't hang that over you. The best medicine for envy is to get this haircut. I really do love that these playful bobs have come full circle again. They are unpolished and to the point, or to the flip, or tease. However, it's best with a nice morning bedhead. Slept fucked up thinking about the handmaid's tale? It's ok! Just dampen and utilize the glossy nectar , sea salt, or texurizing spray *Use code #HHT2596

Exhibit C

"Oui, Oui" shouted by those Bridget Bardot cult fans to the 70's fringe and shapes that have been holding on and still performing. Don't worry, you won't have to take a green or blue pill to get on this trip. Totally up to you though, but if you do take this trip, you will fall in love with how it brings out your best features and pushes your eyes to center stage. Keep in mind, the heat of your hands help best when molding this fringe, but when in doubt, you can dust off that flat iron!! Make sure to protect your locks with heat protection Oway's leave-in no rinse conditioner coupled with their thermal protectant. USE Code #HHT2586

Exhibit D

bronze, coppers, and reds

While we are going back through time, like a women's right to choose for herself, well, oh lookie, we landed in the BRONZE ERA. Yeah, well, how about I fetch us some iron melting coppers that will make any person turn a rouge cheeked Valentine upon glance bc they will be so smitten by your fierceness.

Exhibit E

Queens, queens, and queens...texured hair is beautiful. I imagine the waves in the ocean when it comes to curly hair. All the waves in the ocean are unique and not repeated. When you are born with this beautiful adornment naturally, remember to keep those curls hydrated with Nurturing drops and Curly Potion. Don't let your locks dry out in this heat! Using a hair mask weekly can help bring your hair the moisture it needs to keep your cuticles sealed and working for you, not against you. Check out Oway's Curly Mask or the Moisture Mask.

Exhibit F

for.....fabulous af. Where are my blondies at? Tweed blonde is on the ground and running strong. Tweed you say? Yes! Mother loving tweed. However, nothing looks better on you than having your stylist compliment your eye and skin tone.

Exhibit F

for fucking finally. Are you done with the patriarchy? Well this messy bun is perfect to kick ass in. It's easy to sling that hair up, throw on your pussy hat, and look like a badass doing it.

Enjoy your summer and thanks for checking in:)) Oh! and yes, book here for your back to school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christimas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Omisoka, or any special appointment time between now and the end of the year to get your hair done! LMK if you need help. I am here for yoU! I greatly value my clients as my family. Kindness matters and we need to share it everyday.

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