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I wanted to take the time to reflect on this past year as I have not posted in a bit. It truely has been a year of growth in so many ways. I started my addition to MELU this year with a collection of goods from candles, hair growth sprays, soy coconut candles, and jewelry as Covid taught me that passive income is very important. It can look like many different avenues for different people, but I learned a very valuble lesson that I'll not only be forever grateful for, but it has introduced me to so many people. I've lost count, but I believe I had about 8 or 9 markets this year. That is quite a bit for a first year and I learned that I want to have more balance this year because it is alot of work when you are working full time already. I do wonder if people think that I don't want to do hair and this is some sort of shift but i am here to tell you not to even consider that. As much as I was frustrated with my mother taking so long to retire, I realize that I likely will be the same because when you love what you do, when you are passionate, it really is part of you. I love caring for people and animals. I love to care to care in general. When i see people transformed in my chair, that is what matters to me. It's not just a visual change, it is a replenishing, a touching ground for loving ones self and how we present ourselves in this play of life. It is a play, a theater of life and we can remember that the magic in this world is the magic we bring forth in our own lives and share with others. You have to believe in it to come true, and every day when i look at the beautiful sun rising, setting, cloud art, birds, tiny insects, a strangers kindness, a child's laughter, these are all the beautiful gifts in this universe of ours.

It is confusing that there can be so much joy and pain at the same time in this world and I've long not understood why this exists. There are so many good people on this earth. I only know that those who hurt others, justify violence, or anger is a symptom of a problem, a virus, a disease of the heart. A truely healed healthy loving human could never inflict pain onto another. When I see dispair, I know it is because there is still much healing to be had. I long suffered from the pain I'd see in the world and still do, wondering what I could do. A wise woman once told me, that you cannot heal everyone, but that you can create love, healing, kindness, magic, compassion with each person you come across. Selfless acts of love, turning a frown upside down vibrates from that person to the next. Lets be kind, make eye contact, less judgement, and more compassion, paying it forward, opening doors, and remembering to bath yourself in that compassion too. Remember others can only meet you as deeply as they have met themselves. Do not take it personal if someone cannot accept the joy you bestow, the seed you plant because whether you can see it or not, a ripple in the water does matter.

We are all great works of art, constantly changing, evolving and manifesting. I hope that you all have a wonderful and meaningful time whether that means hanging with friends, family, cracking open that book, creating or simply closing your eyes and breathing in the beautiful sun.

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