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MELU Wellness came into being in 2021 with the intention of providing quality, cruelty free wellness products and services.  As a beauty and wellness professional in a world still challenged by covid, MELU understands the worries, anxiety and depression that persist. MELU also recognizes the many awakenings that have become. What was superficial revealed itself, giving way to focus our minds on the true priorities of life.


Self-care can be a guiding light, shining for all to see upon the true centers of our existence. By taking care in ourselves, we radiate this message of hope. Kindness to oneself brings kindness to others, and through caring for oneself, we become more present for those we care most. Self-care is too often the neglected and forgotten path. MELU is here to help support and guide you on this path, with thoughtfully curated products and exceptional beauty services. MELU is here to remind you . . .

Mother Earth Loves You



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